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Plain Plaster Coving

A selection of our plainer covings, including Ogee, Spartan and stepped styles.
Art Deco Plaster Cornice<br>70mm x 100mm
(£4.99 inc VAT)
Windemere Plaster Cornice <br>85mm x 100mm<br>
(£5.09 inc VAT)
Roped Swag Plaster Cornice <br>70mm x 85mm
(£5.39 inc VAT)
Arch Plaster Coving<br>80mm x 110mm<br>
(£5.60 inc VAT)
Deep Ogee Plaster Coving <br>88mm x 80mm
(£7.19 inc VAT)
Richmond Plaster Coving <br>90mm x 90mm
(£7.19 inc VAT)
Cornwall King Cornice<br>60mm x 64mm
(£7.20 inc VAT)
Hertfordshire King Cornice<br>74mm x 74mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Kent King Cornice<br>70mm x 88mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Beaded Arch Plaster Coving <br>85mm x 110mm
(£7.91 inc VAT)
Cumbria King Cornice<br>90mm x 85mm
(£8.16 inc VAT)
3 Step Art Deco Plaster Coving <br>55mm x 55mm
(£13.67 inc VAT)
Mini Georgian Plaster Coving<br>65mm x 65mm
(£13.67 inc VAT)
York Plaster Coving <br>80mm x 70mm
(£13.67 inc VAT)
Elsham Plaster Coving <br>121mm x 57mm
(£13.68 inc VAT)
Straight Run Plaster Coving <br>102mm x 124mm
(£16.55 inc VAT)
Tims Plaster Coving <br>178mm x 89mm
(£16.55 inc VAT)
Small Triangle Plaster Coving <br>85mm x 90mm
(£16.56 inc VAT)

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