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King Cornices

King CornicesKing Cornices are a beautiful range of traditional coving and cornice designs, hand made using light durable and polyurethane. All King Cornices are painted in white primer, are very durable and are relatively easy to work with given the ease with which they can be cut and because they are much lighter than traditional plaster coving.

King Cornices are easily identified by the Crown logo and all are named after historic counties of Great Britain.

Westmorland King Cornice73mm x 73mm
(£8.16 inc VAT)
Rutland King Cornice80mm x 80mm
(£8.40 inc VAT)
Hampshire King Cornice<br>125mm x 105mm
(£10.20 inc VAT)
Wiltshire King Cornice<br>100mm x 140mm
(£10.80 inc VAT)
Leicestershire King Cornice<br>140mm x 100mm
(£12.00 inc VAT)
Cumberland King Cornice<br>124mm x 120mm
(£13.20 inc VAT)
Berkshire King Cornice<br>145mm x 160mm
(£14.40 inc VAT)
New Warwickshire King Cornice137mm x 133mm
(£14.40 inc VAT)