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Popular Plaster Coving, Plaster Cornices and PE King Cornices
Rose Plaster Coving <br>85mm x 93mm
(£5.99 inc VAT)
Decorated Ogee Plaster Coving<br>75mm x 90mm
RRP: £4.99
(£5.09 inc VAT)
Violetta Plaster Coving <br>92mm x 125mm
(£7.91 inc VAT)
Water Leaf Plaster Coving <br>102mm x 127mm
(£15.55 inc VAT)
Windemere Plaster Cornice <br>85mm x 100mm<br>
RRP: £4.99
(£5.09 inc VAT)
Bedfordshire King Cornice<br>68mm x 73mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Devon King Cornice <br>87mm x 87mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Derbyshire King Cornice<br>80mm x 80mm
(£7.20 inc VAT)
Cumberland King Cornice<br>124mm x 120mm
(£13.20 inc VAT)
Leicestershire King Cornice<br>140mm x 100mm
(£12.00 inc VAT)
Northumberland King Cornice<br>178mm x 171mm
(£18.00 inc VAT)
Hertfordshire King Cornice<br>74mm x 74mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Lincolnshire King Cornice<br>52mm x 79mm
(£7.20 inc VAT)
Kent King Cornice<br>70mm x 88mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Yorkshire King Cornice<br>65mm x 98mm
(£8.40 inc VAT)
Glamorgan King Cornice<br>85mm x 80mm
(£7.20 inc VAT)
Somerset King Cornice<br>137mm x 108mm
(£9.00 inc VAT)
Berkshire King Cornice<br>145mm x 160mm
(£14.40 inc VAT)
Hampshire King Cornice<br>125mm x 105mm
(£10.20 inc VAT)

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All of our decorative plaster mouldings are hand made. We supply and manufacture plaster coving, plaster cornices, plaster ceiling roses, dado rails and many other decorative plaster mouldings. We offer trade accounts and have a list of recommended installers. Contact us if you are in the trade.