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Hand Made Plaster Coving

Hand Made Plaster Coving Our Hand made plaster coving is an imported range of decorative plaster mouldings. Hand Made plaster coving can be identified with a small bridge icon (right). These coving products are all hand made using traditional methods with gypsom and strengthened with fibreglass fibres. They can be identified by the stylised bridge icon of our Hand Made plaster coving.

This superb value range of plaster coving is the best value range of coving available in the UK and can be found in many superb developments around the world.

We import over thousands of linear meters of this hand made plaster coving every year and generally have good stock levels of each of these mouldings. Occasionally, we do run low on some of these items. When this happens we can either manufacture your chosen moulding at our UK plaster coving factory or we can advise you of when the next container will be arriving. With over 30 containers a year, it is generally not such a long wait for anything to be back in stock. 

All our coving is priced by the meter

If your requirement is for over 1000 linear meters of a given Hand Made plaster coving, contact us directly for specialised pricing.

We also have a range of British Made Plaster Coving and a range of light and durable Polyurethane King Cornices. 

Art Deco Plaster Cornice<br>70mm x 100mm
(£6.12 inc VAT)
Northstead Plaster Coving<br> 85mm x 85mm<br>
(£6.12 inc VAT)
Roped Swag Plaster Cornice <br>70mm x 85mm
(£6.12 inc VAT)
Richmond Plaster Coving 90mm x 90mm
(£6.84 inc VAT)
Large Plaster Coving 100mm x 100mm
(£6.96 inc VAT)