Plaster Coving and Plaster Ceiling Roses Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact using our contact us page or call us directly on 01723 321111.

Q. I want to order coving for my room, how do I work out how much I need?

In order to work out how much coving you need to order, please follow the formula below:

1. Accurately add up the perimeter of the room in metres.

2. Add 10% to that total (to account for wastage when cutting coving for corners)

3. Round this figure up to the next full metre – this provides you with the total number of metres you need to order.

For example, if the perimeter of your room is 23.2 metres, add 10% (2.32 metres), giving you a total of 25.52 metres. Round this up to the next full metre =26 metres, and that is the amount of coving you would need to order.

If you are unsure of how much coving you require and would like help to work this out, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01723 321 111

Q. Can I obtain a sample of the coving before I place my order?

Yes, we can send out a sample of coving to you before placing your order.

Simply choose the sample option at the bottom of the description of the coving you are interested in.

There is a cost of £2.50 for each coving sample sent.

Q. How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by card via the website or over the phone.

We accept payment by bank transfer - just call the office for the details.

Q. How will my Plaster Coving be delivered?

Plaster Coving is made to order and then delivered by one of our own specially trained delivery drivers. Plaster Coving needs to be handled extremely carefully given that it is made in either 2.4 metre or 3 metre lengths; our delivery personnel know how to handle Plaster Coving and can give you some guidance upon arrival.

Deliveries of handmade Plaster Coving leave our manufacturing base in North Yorkshire several times every week. Your order will be scheduled for delivery after manufacture (which normally takes a week).If you have an urgent requirement please give us a call on 01723 321111

Q. How will my Plaster Ceiling Rose Be Delivered?

PLASTER CELING ROSES, CORBELS, PLAQUES, AND SAMPLES: All orders are despatched via trackable Courier delivery. Standard delivery time is 2/3 working days.

We pack our plaster ceiling roses individually using bubble wrap and polystyrene chips to ensure that the plaster ceiling rose arrives in perfect condition.

Some larger Roses are not suitable for courier delivery and these will be delivered using our own specialist delivery drivers, this is indicated in the product description

Q. How do I store my decorative plaster once I have received it?

All decorative plaster products, whether it is coving or ceiling roses, should be stored flat, either on the floor or upright.

If storing your decorative plaster upright, make sure it is well supported in order to prevent sagging or bowing.

Decorative plaster products may still have some residual moisture in them, so we strongly recommend that you do not store them on carpets, furniture, timber flooring, or skirting boards.

After placing an order you will be sent care sheets by email. You should read these very carefully as they contain important information on storing and handling plaster coving.

Q. What should I use to cut my coving?

Coving should be cut with a standard, medium toothed, cross-cut saw in order to achieve the best results.

If using a mitre box, it should have a backplate that is high enough to accommodate the size of the coving you have. Any mitre boxes or chop saws that are designed for making picture frames will not be suitable.

Q. How can I remove paint from the original decorative plaster?

Removal of paint can be carried out using water, steam, chemical removers or wallpaper stripper. These should always be tested on a small unobtrusive piece of plaster first in order to avoid disaster!

Scrapers can be used to gently remove the layers of paint, and toothbrushes are good for getting into the finer detail. Never use sanders or wire brushes; these will damage your decorative plasterwork.

If you own a listed Period Property you should consult with your local authority’s conservation officer before removing the original paint layers, as these may hold a unique historical record of the original paint.

Q. All your coving is white, can I paint it?

The simple answer is yes you can but it is important to follow some guidelines to get a great finish.

Firstly ensure that the coving has dried completely. If your coving was made to order there may still be residual moisture in it from manufacture. 3-4 days should be sufficient for it to dry. (it can be fitted before this) If your coving was a stock item then 24 hours after fitting, for the adhesive to dry, should be sufficient

Start by applying a 50% water 50% emulsion mix to the coving first and allow this to dry.

Once this base coat has dried apply your chosen colour. As coving has a smooth surface small brushstrokes with a polyester brush will give you the best finish

If you have a colour scheme in mind why not talk to us about our pre-painted coving? This can be done in almost any colour and comes ready to fit and is supplied with additional paint for any touch ups. Give us a call to discuss your needs on 01723 321 111 or email