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Coving Categorised by Size

Most people choose one of our huge range of plaster coving  or King Cornice designs by size. Basically, the higher your ceiling the larger the design of coving or cornices you will require. Lower more modern ceilings generally have small or medium designs. Victorian houses often had 12ft high or 14 ft high ceilings - if you have such a high ceiling, you will need a large hand made plaster coving design.

We stock several ranges of coving and cornices in all sizes. All of our coving features a small icon in the main image to determine which range the coving or cornice is from. Hand Made Plaster Coving is an inspirational range of imported coving, made using traditional methods at the most economical prices. British Made Plaster Coving is made in small batches in 10ft lengths at our North Yorkshire factory. King Cornices are a beautiful range of the most popular durable, lightweight Polyurethane cornices. All are available in different sizes and to suit all budgets and properties.

Small Coving - both the projection or the drop is below 90mm, suitable for modern properties up to 9ft ceiling height
Medium Coving - either the projection or the drop is between 90mm and 120mm
Large Coving - either projection or drop between 120mm and 160mm
Medium and Large coving designs will work in any room depending upon what look you are trying to achieve.
Extra large Coving - these coving and cornices are for the very highest ceilings where either the projection or drop are above 160mm. We would not generally recommend these for ceiling heights below 12feet

Don't forget to check out our huge range of plaster ceiling roses or call us on 01723 321 111 to discuss what decorative plaster ceiling rose will match your choice of plaster coving or cornice.
Windemere Plaster Cornice <br>85mm x 100mm<br>
(£4.57 inc VAT)
Daisy Plaster Coving <br>47mm x 100mm
(£4.78 inc VAT)
Northstead Plaster Coving<br> 85mm x 85mm<br>
(£4.79 inc VAT)
3 Step Plaster Coving <br>70mm x 95mm
(£7.19 inc VAT)
Deep Ogee Plaster Coving <br>88mm x 80mm
(£7.19 inc VAT)
Richmond Plaster Coving <br>90mm x 90mm
(£7.19 inc VAT)
Cornwall King Cornice<br>60mm x 64mm
(£7.20 inc VAT)
Bedfordshire King Cornice<br>68mm x 73mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Devon King Cornice <br>87mm x 87mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Hertfordshire King Cornice<br>74mm x 74mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Kent King Cornice<br>70mm x 88mm
(£7.80 inc VAT)
Ayrshire King Cornice<br>77mm x 70mm
(£8.16 inc VAT)

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