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Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm

Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm
Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm
Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm
Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm
Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm

Codyhill Plaster Coving 220mm x 150mm

Product Code: YPC-G036-250
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The Codyhill Plaster Coving is hand made in Yorkshire using real British Gypsum plaster. We use our own specialist couriers to deliver Plaster Coving, therefore we have a minimum order of 20 meters or 65 feet.

Due to the size of this product we can only offer this plaster coving as COLLECTION ONLY. However, please contact us if you would like to enquire about delivery.

Plaster is sold in either Meters. Select the unit of measurement before you add these items to your basket. Samples are £5

The Codyhill Plaster coving is a complex combination of ridges, ogee curves, convex and concave curves. This beautiful and stylish plaster coving was copied from an in situ cast in a large Victorian British country house.

This coving has a projection of 220mm (8.66 inches) and a drop of 150mm (5.90 inches).

A faithful copy of a period design, this plaster coving is hand made using traditional techniques in Yorkshire with the finest grade British gypsum plaster hand cast in finely detailed moulds.

Whilst this plaster coving comes in lengths of 3 metres, we sell this coving by the metre.

We sell three different types of coving. It is important to understand the different types of coving as they each have different pros and cons. This product is a BRITISH MADE COVING

Product Positives Negatives
Hand Made Plaster Coving

Hand Made plaster coving is made using 2.4m lengths of GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum).

Instead of traditional hessian, fibreglass strands are used for strengthening. Therefore, when cutting GRG Hand Made Plaster Coving, you will need a fine tooth saw.

- Excellent value

- lighter than British made coving requiring less fixings.

- very dry so easier to store

- easier to handle as shorter lengths

- very wide range of styles and designs in stock for immediate delivery

- very dry and rigid meaning more finishing required on non flat surfaces.

- will absorb the water out of your adhesive extremely quickly. Your installer will need to spray the product with water before installation to allow the adhesive to grip.

- Requires a finer tooth saw for cutting as a blunt saw or a large tooth saw will not cut the fibreglass strenthening fibres.

- shorter lengths meaning more joins

British Made Plaster Coving

British Made Plaster Coving is made by hand at our factory in North Yorkshire using British Gypsum and is strengthened with wooden slats and hessian.

British made plaster coving is made in traditional 10ft or 3m lengths.

- relatively flexible making it easier to work on uneven surfaces

- slightly damp so easier to cut and easier for filling

- longer lengths meaning there are fewer cuts / joins.

- strengthened with traditional hession and wooden latts so biodegradable

- Made in North Yorkshire

- considerably more expensive than GRG Hand Made Plaster Coving.

- as it is biodegradable, can go mouldy if not stored in dry conditions

- 3m lengths and with a higher water content, British made coving is significantly heavier, requires more support fixings during installation (brass screws and adhesive)

- if stored incorrectly it will warp. The product should be stored on a flat surface.

King Cornice Coving

King Cornice Polyeurathene coving is a strong lightweight coving in traditional styles in 2m lengths.

- better value than British made plaster coving, but higher in price than Hand made GRG plaster coving.

- lightweight and easily manipulated.

- relatively flexible for uneven surfaces.

- easily cut

- short lengths mean more joins are required

- Limited number of designs

- Not a traditional product

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