New Plaster Coving Winter Sale 2016!

Along with the season changing – so has our sale!

We have added 6 new lines to our sale stock, these include some of our most popular floral decorative covings Such as the Edwardian Floral Plaster Coving which features a delicately cast floral motif below a stylised rope border. The Plaster Cornice design was popularised the in early 1900’s in Edwardian homes taking Victorian designs and combining them as fashions changed.

This beautiful coving is now available at less than £4.00 per metre excluding VAT!


There are 5 other new lines in our sale, please browse the category Plaster Coving Winter Sale on the top left hand side of the website.

These covings are in perfect condition, with hundreds of metres ready to be dispatched straight away. We deliver across the country every day of the week, at a low cost of £32.92 excluding VAT.

To talk to us about this or any of our coving or roses why not call us on 01723 321 111 or email

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