What happens when you order Plaster Coving

At Plaster Coving Ltd we endeavour to provide all of our customers, whether trade or residential, with the highest level of customer service. We believe that communication is a very key point in ensuring you are happy with us as a company as well as with your purchase.
At Plaster coving Ltd our prices are very competitive as we are able to carry over 50,000 lengths of coving in our warehouse all packaged ready to be sent. When you order our stock products online or over the phone with a member of our sales team, a lead time can be given at the time of order as this can be picked from the warehouse straight into our loading bays ready for quality control checks.Coving Warehouse (8)

When you order our made to order products, we inform our plasterers in the workshop of the design and size of the Plaster Coving you have requested. They select the mould required and set to work using the highest grade British gypsum plaster. At this point we can offer you a lead time of around 7 days.
Our team of plasterers have been making traditional Plaster Coving for years – the particular skills and knowledge is reflected in the quality of the Plaster Coving they produce.
Once the cornice is set in the mould and the required lengths are complete – we then set this in a flat surface to dry for a minimum of 48 hours, this minimises any damage which could be caused in transit.
Your coving is ready, we then contact you to discuss delivery – our team of drivers usually deliver our orders on a two day route, twice a week. When the date is set, we receive a report from our logistics department with the time slot for your delivery. The customer service team will give you a call the working day prior to your delivery advising of the 3 hour time slot on the delivery date specified.
Coving Warehouse (5)

Your order shall then be loaded onto one of our delivery vehicles by our trained warehouse staff, this will then be quality control checked by two different personnel before being signed off ready for dispatch.
As our delivery driver is approaching your address – they will then provide you with a courtesy call around 30 minutes before arrival. Upon arrival the driver will happily off-load your items for you to check before signing our delivery note.
Your coving is ready to be hung!
We look forward to hearing from you.

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