Pioneering products in plaster.

Here at Plaster Coving Limited we combine traditional styles and manufacturing methods with modern materials to produce exceptional products at fantastic prices.

Our passion for plaster also extends into product innovation. We are always looking at new ideas to offer the widest possible range of plaster covings solutions.

Recently our team has been working on 2 new ideas

Painted coving – as you would expect with a plaster product all our coving is white when delivered. Often the coving is left this way once fitted but many customers choose to paint their coving to fit their colour scheme and will call us for advice on how to get the best finish. With this is mind we have been testing pre-painted coving and have successfully produced several samples. We are now able to produce coving pre-painted to fit almost any colour scheme. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs?
Painted Coving

LED coving – having worked closely with a lighting designer we are now able to offer coving that is ready to hold LED strips. These small strips are not visible once the coving is fitted to the wall and can be used to create a variety of static and dymamic uplighting in any room. Most of our current range is able to be retro-fitted to support LED strips. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs?
LED Coving
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