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Adams Swag and Bow Plaster Coving 109mm x 155mm
Arch Plaster Coving80mm x 110mm
Art Deco Plaster Cornice70mm x 100mm
Beaded Arch Plaster Coving 85mm x 110mm
Decorated Dentil Plaster Cornice 65mm x 90mm
Decorated Ogee Plaster Coving75mm x 90mm
Double Dentil Plaster Coving95mm x 100mm
Edwardian Fleur de Lys Plaster Coving80mm x 110mm
Fleur De Lys Plaster Coving 95mm x 110mm
Mediterranean Plaster Coving 80mm x 135mm
Northstead Plaster Coving 85mm x 85mm
Regency Acanthus Plaster Coving 117mm x 115mm
Ribbon Plaster Coving 60mm x 80mm
Rococo Plaster Coving 90mm x 90mm
Roped Arches Plaster Cornice 60mm x 90mm
Roped Swag Plaster Cornice 70mm x 85mm
Rutland King Cornice80mm x 80mm
Small Honeysuckle Plaster Coving70mm x 95mm
Violetta Plaster Coving 92mm x 125mm
Water Leaf Plaster Coving 102mm x 127mm
Westmorland King Cornice73mm x 73mm
Wiltshire King Cornice100mm x 140mm